Born in Alabama and raised to travel the world out of Knoxville, TN, my life has been a beautiful blend of Southern roots and a boundless curiosity about the world and its diverse cultures. This curiosity led me to pursue a degree in four-field Anthropology at the University of Alabama, driven by a deep desire to truly understand and "see" people in their unique environments, coupled with a passion for travel that has opened my eyes to the myriad ways health and wellness are approached globally.Olivia Holt's Story - Love for traveling and understanding people where they are.

As I ventured into the world of understanding people in college, my passion for exploring diverse cultures and understanding people "where they are" truly blossomed. My studies, particularly focused on medical anthropology and psychology, opened my eyes to the vast potential of holistic health practices across the globe. This academic journey was not just about learning; it was about discovering new ways to bring healing and understanding to people from all walks of life.

In 2016, while driving down McFarland Blvd in Tuscaloosa, a vision was laid upon my heart by the Lord—a vision of a sanctuary where natural health practitioners and innovators of all types could come together to support individuals in their quest for wellness. This wouldn't be just another health company; it would be a community dedicated to genuine care, where profit margins don't overshadow the mission of helping people thrive in their health and wellness.

Through a unique series of events and meeting all of the right people along the way – Revvl Health was born from this vision, established as a community for all seeking a natural path to wellness. Our mission is to bridge the gap for those unfamiliar with the power of natural health solutions, making holistic wellness accessible to everyone, regardless of their past experiences with health and healing. Or, more simply, to: "stress less and revvl more." Our range of products, from Revvl Restore to Revvl Life, is a reflection of each of our founders' personal journeys (including my own) and our commitment to this mission, each one designed to support the body and mind in harmony with nature.

My own battles with PTSD, coupled with the personal loss of loved ones to traumatic stresses and poor health, have only deepened my dedication to Revvl Health. It's a commitment not just to healing, but to thriving—a promise to offer others the same hope and wellness that I've found on this journey.

Discovering adaptogens marked a pivotal moment in my path out of dealing with internalized stresses and toward true health and wellbeing. These powerful, natural substances have the unique ability to help the body resist stressors of all kinds, whether physical, chemical, and I honestly believe, spiritual. My introduction to adaptogens came as the result of working with a team of some truly amazing natural health experts at a local chiropractic clinic in my city. While I was searching for a way to manage my own stress and the lingering effects of PTSD to no avail, the Lord knew exactly who to put in my life to share adaptogens with me –  a simple answer to many complex prayers. 

Revvl Restore, in particular, has been a cornerstone of my journey. This product embodies the essence of what adaptogens can do—it's not merely a supplement, but a life-changer for me. Incorporating Revvl Restore into my daily routine has significantly impacted my resilience to stress, enhancing my overall well-being. Its blend of natural adaptogenic herbs has provided me with a steadiness and vitality that I hadn't experienced before, truly altering my approach to feeling good and living healthy.

But the transformative power of Revvl Restore and all adaptogens extends beyond my personal experience; it's at the heart of what we aim to share with the world through Revvl Health. This product represents the fulfillment of our vision—a vision of a world where natural solutions are readily embraced for their profound ability to support our health. Revvl Restore is not just a product I believe in; it's a testament to the journey I've undertaken from Alabama to Knoxville, from curiosity to conviction.

Revvl Health - a vision of a sanctuary where natural health practitioners and innovators of all types could come together to support individuals in their quest for wellness.

But the story doesn't end with product creation. Our dreams for Revvl Health extends far beyond the here and now. I envision it growing into the very place I saw in my heart that day driving down McFarland Blvd—a hub of healing where all modalities of natural health care come together, not merely for profit, but for the people. Until we can fully realize that vision, we stand as a bridge, connecting individuals to the transformative power of natural health with our online resources and community.

This journey of mine is deeply personal, yet it's not just my story—it's an invitation to all who seek a more holistic approach to wellness. Through Revvl Health, our team aims to create a space of understanding, healing, and thriving, driven by the core belief that everyone deserves to lead a healthy, vibrant life. Together, we can redefine what it means to be well, fostering a community that not only survives but flourishes.

Yours in Health, 

Olivia Holt

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