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What product blend should I buy?

If you’re not quite sure which product is right for you, refer to "Find Your Blend" assessment. This 2-3 minute lifestyle assessment will help you find a product that fits your specific needs.

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! While we wish could, once an order is placed, we are unable to alter or cancel it at this time. We hope to have a cancellation window one day in the future.

Should the item(s) not work out, make sure to exchange for a preferred product or return for a full refund.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, feel free to reach out to our team and we will do everything we can to serve you.

Dosage and Use

How long until I notice an effect?

Generally speaking, results will vary when taking dietary supplements. If you are severely deficient in a vitamin or essential nutrient, you may be more likely to notice results faster than others.

However, in most cases, it takes around one (1) month of consistent use to experience the health benefits that adaptogen blends have to been shown to offer.†

Various studies have suggested that there are benefits following daily consumption of adaptogens for several weeks.*

How do I take Revvl Restore?

We recommend taking Revvl Restore as a daily supplement for acute and chronic stress support.†

Because of the non-toxic properties of adaptogens, we typically recommend a "Loading Dose" of this product to start.


Loading Dose:

Take 3-4 capsules in the morning with water and 3-4 capsules in the evening with water.

After 7-14 Days:

Take 1-2 capsules in the morning with water and 1-2 capsules in the evening with water.

How do I take Revvl Sleep?

We recommend taking Revvl Sleep for occasional sleeplessness.

This product is designed to support deep sleep without the drowsiness of melatonin (a common sleep ingredient which can create dependence and make you feel sluggish in the morning).†


For Occasional Sleep Support:

Take 1-2 capsules per night with water – around one (1) hour before bed.

How do I take Revvl Energy?

We recommend taking Revvl Energy for as needed natural energy support.†

This product is a combination of adaptogens, B-vitamins, and other botanicals that support energy production and metabolism with no jitters or crash.†


As Needed Energy Support:

Take 1-2 capsules in the morning with water.

How do I take Revvl Recover?

We recommend taking Revvl Recover for joint health and inflammation support, daily.†

This product contains ingredients that have primarily anti-inflammatory properties that will support muscle recovery, especially after a workout or strenuous activity.*


For Daily Support:

Take 1-2 capsules in the morning with water.

For Maximum (Acute) Support:

Take up to (8) capsules per day with water.

How do I take Revvl Immune?

We recommend taking Revvl Immune for occasional and acute immune support.†

This product supports natural defenses in the body.†


For Occasional, Acute Support:

Take 4-8 capsules per day and increase water intake.

Products and Ingredients

What happened to STRESSRX®?

Our best-selling STRESSRX® product was renamed and relabeled during our transition to Revvl Health and is now called Revvl Restore.

What is an adaptogen?

Adaptogens are naturally-occurring herbs that help bodies to recover quickly from stress and develop physiological toughness. Adaptogens are not classified as depressants (e.g. alcohol) or stimulants (e.g. caffeine), they act like a thermostat in the body - stimulating homeostasis so that the body can begin balancing itself.

Where are your ingredients from?

Our adaptogens are sourced from their natural habitat in India (ashwagandha) and Asia (cordyceps & rhodiola). Our formulating lab is located in Georgia. The Sensoril® ashwagandha that we use in all of our product blends is a patented formula that incorporates both the leaf and root, which is not typical of ashwagandha products on the market, and is believed to make ours 10x more effective.

Are your products FDA approved?

On most dietary supplement products and websites you’ll see the disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

This is because Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not authorized to review any foods or dietary supplements for safety or effectiveness before they are marketed.

However our label meets FDA guidelines.

Are Revvl Health products organic?

Revvl products are not currently certified organic, due the nature of the ingredients that we use. 

While we do use the highest quality herbs and extracts available, there are certain compounds that are not eligable for USDA Organic certification.

Our formulas are produced in a GMP certified lab and every batch is tested by a third-party testing facility.

We guarantee that our ingredients are both pure and potent.

Are Revvl Health products safe for children?

All Revvl Health products are currently intended for adult use only.

Adaptogen supplements for children are available for purchase online, but we recommend that you check the supplement label for any additives that may be harmful to your little ones.

Are Revvl Health products safe for pregnant or nursing mothers?

Generally speaking, you should not begin any new supplement, workout, or diet plan during pregnancy or nursing without first consulting with your physician.

We don’t typically recommend the ongoing use of any herbs or herbal teas during pregnancy.

Can I take Revvl products if I have a mushroom allergy?

No, we do not recommend taking Revvl™ RESTORE or any of the associated Revvl Health™ products if you have a mushroom allergy. 

Cordyceps sinensis is considered an annual ascomycetes fungus that is very closely related to the mushroom. Although it is not a mushroom taxonomically, it has been described as an exotic medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

Can I take Revvl products if I have a shellfish allergy?

We do not use any ingredients that would yield a shellfish allergen in our formula, but it is manufactured and packaged in a facility that also produces products that do contain shellfish.

While we have strict quality checkpoints and cleaning programs in place to help prevent any cross contamination throughout our facility, it could still be a potential risk for those with an extreme allergy.

Can I take Revvl Health products if I have Diabetes?

Yes, Revvl Health products are typically safe for users with Type I or Type II Diabetes.

We do, however, always recommend consulting with your physiciain before beginning any new supplement.

Adaptogens have been shown to help regulate blood sugar through modulating normal blood cortisol levels.*

Can I take Revvl products with other medications?

Because of the non-toxic nature of adaptogens, users can typically take adaptogens in addition to medications and other healthcare supplements without any negative impact.

Each of our products has a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, and other bontanicals that promote health in the body – but it is always important to consult with your primary care physician before beginning this or any dietary supplement.†

Do any of the Revvl products contain CBD, THC or hemp oil(s)?

No, there are no Revvl Health products that contain Cannabidiol (CBD) or hemp oil – therefore the cannabinoid molecule in marijuana (THC) is not present in any of our blends.

Wholesale Partners

How do I become a wholsale partner?

Becoming a wholesale practitioner is quite simple. Please go to the Contact Us page and type the word "Wholesale" in the message box with your contact details.

One of our team members will connect with you about your wholesale account.

I used to sell STRESSRX® – where can I buy it now?

Our best-selling STRESSRX® product was renamed and relabeled during our transition to Revvl Health and is now called Revvl Restore.

If you would like to purchase as a wholesale partner, please reach out to our team at or +1(865)333-9294 to confirm your Wholesale Account is still active.

Where can I buy Wholesale Starter Kits?

Unfortunately, we no longer sell Wholesale Starter Kits.

In order to keep prices low and reduce the minumum order quanitity for wholesale practitioners, we removed with kits from our online wholesale portal.

If you would like more information regarding your first wholesale order, please connect with our team here.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

If you would like to read our full shipping policy, please follow this link.

Do you ship overseas?

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship anywhere outside of the United States of America.

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